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Fitness Life Magazine writes about their experience at 101 Fitness Auckland

Comfortably FIT

By Katie Robinson – Fitness Life magazine (Apr/May 14)

Katie Robinson head to Fitness 101 to indulge in a workout with a luxurious twist.  Here, she shares her experience.

Intimate, pampering, indulgence, exclusive, boutique.  These aren’t the sort of term typically used to describe a gym.  But at Auckland’s 101 Fitness they apply to every moment you spend on the premises.

But before you get to delusional and book your next holiday at this outfit, I’s like to add the following, which equally apply: intense, focused, hard, effective, painful.

Welcome to contrary world of 101 Fitness!

From the moment I pull up in their car park, I know this is no ordinary gym.  It’s located in a cute villa hidden amongst office buildings in Newmarket.  MY first impression – that I’d actually arrived at an inner city spa – lingers as I walk into the fragrant reception, am welcomed by immaculate reception and take a seat, browsing magazines while I wait for my appointment.  So far, so very un-gym like, I think.  Then my personal trainer arrives – also beautifully dressed (no shorts and trainers here), and escorts me to my workout session… 101 Fitness is the brainchild of Melissa Smit, the Director who is actively involved in running the gym and a number of the PT sessions.  She discovered the underlying concepts of 101 Fitness whilst recovering from a broken back and almost constant pain sustained through two serious car crashes.  “The 101 Fitness system takes into consideration thee pillars of wellness: exercise, nutrition and recovery,” Melissa explains.  I now understand that it’s important to exercise the muscles properly and effectively – but it’s equally as important to recover, and to eat well.  If one of the three pillars is missing you won’t be able to achieve an optimum state of wellness.

All three pillars are supported inside the gym.  There’s massage for recovery (along with encouragement that you have active rest days – do something active you enjoy); there are nutrition service by way of consultation with the on-site nutritionist… and then there’s training.

101 Fitness aren’t ready aren’t ready to dispel the spa sensation just yet!  On the way to the training room I stop by the changing room, a one-person outfit lit with candles, exuding fragrant aromas, offering free luxuries such a perfumes and hair straighteners…

I am shown into my training room – also for one!  That’s right.  I am the only person working out in here fro the entire 20-30 minute period with only my trainer in tow.

Fitness 101 combines High Intensity training (HIT) with slow movement training using medical grade machines.  (Need I say, these are all state of the art and beautifully maintained).  The machines are designed so you trained your major muscle groups and some finer muscles too.  The back, legs, biceps and abs are all individually exercised – as is the neck, and are where people tend to develop problems with time.  For my workout, the trainer sets up each machines specifically for me – this highly supervised set-up ensures that just the muscles is worked (not joint or the ligaments) and only the level that is necessary to achieve optimum results for each clients, depending on their specific needs.

And now the interesting part bit.  I get to use each machines for around two minutes.  In those the reps are very slow and controlled, as I work the designated muscle to failure.  Sounds painful and it is; but only last 20 seconds.  Throughout the two minutes, my trainer encourages and pushes me to perform; and I do(I have no choice)  I repeat the same process at each station, after 20 or so minutes, glide out the door with all my muscles comfortably sore and felling suitably pampered; job done!

Who is it for?

Fitness 101 is suitable for anyone, as each person is specifically catered for.  Their clientele include teens through to a 76-year-old woman.  All fitness levels benefit.

However I think this gym will most appeal to:

  1. Busy workers – it’s a quick 20-to-30-minutes appointments.  Many don’t even change.  It is not uncommon for men to work out in suits (removing only their jackets and tie).  Woman can even train n skirts!  They kick of their hills first and work out bare feet!  Because each exercise is short-lived, and there is a fan following you from machine to machine, clients rarely sweat.

  2. People recovering for injuries – the equipment is very muscle specific and each exercise consider what’s going on with your body and what you need to remedy.  The trainers generally also have some physiotherapy or chiropractic experience.

  3. Those who value their privacy – There is complete privacy and exclusivity; no one watches you work out.

  4. Older people wanting to start exercising again – the perfect spot for someone wanting to reintroduce exercise into their life and to get main muscles working again.

Here’s what Fitness 101 clients have to say

Cherie Player

*When I first visited 101 Fitness I had a lot of weight to lose (I weighed 107kg).  I had made a mental switch that I could do it but really needed a team of people to keep me on track.  Along with my nutritionist, 101 Fitness has been on of the most motivating factors on my journey.  The trainers are fantastic.  They push you, but in a positive way; you never feel like you aren’t doing a good job.  In 18 months I have lost 30kgs and the team have kept me focused.  I have biceps, my arms are starting to look nice and toned and I love how I feel now.

Katherine Dickinson.

*I was in line to have back surgery for degenerative disc disease.  I had years of chronic, acute pain and had tried physio, chiro, acupuncture and a lot of pain relief.  Getting out of bed in morning has been a real struggle.  Committing to 20 minutes once or twice a wee at Fitness 101, I have strengthened my core muscles to the point where I rarely experience any pain at all any more.  I think the ease of going for 20 minutes at a time and having someone there to ensure my technique is correct and push me just that little bit harder is exactly what I needed.  Now I bounce out of bed in the morning!

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*Individual results may vary from person to person.

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