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6 Ways to Refresh your Fitness for Summer

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2.   Team Up


3.  Clean Out Your Pantry Get rid of all those left over bits of comfort treats and snack that may have crept in during winter. And while you’re at it, throw away other foods low in nutritional value, like chips, pretzels, sugary cereals, white bread.


5.  Change Your Thinking Instead of basing goals on weight loss, concentrate on how you feel. If counting calories has you down, focus instead on portions sizes and remember muscle burns more calories so . . . double score.


Written Melissa – Anne Smit

How 101 Fitness can Help you:Set a realistic schedule: 25 Min a week of muscle training is achievable and at 101 Fitness it is highly effective.

Add a brisk walk or other favourite activity twice a week to get best results.Team up:101 Fitness offers 2-on-1 trainings.Just you and your chosen buddy in a private room. Private – Personal – Maximum benefit and split the costs.Change your thinking:Fact: A workout with a Personal Trainer is more effective. At 101 Fitness you ALWAYS have a personal training focussed on you.

Fact: Walking is not enough. To stop age-related muscle loss and sagging you have to challenge muscles correctly. This is 101 Fitness’s main focus.Step off Scale:Muscle is heavier than fat – don’t focus on weight, If you want to look better and feel better then FOCUS on getting toned with muscle training once a week.

Call: Melissa 021 0262 8011


Verve article November 2014

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