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Is a 25 minute workout enough?

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Research shows working muscles to the point of failure is the best way to stimulate muscle growth. That is right, muscle failure, not exhaustion. Doing lots of light weight reps till you a tired does not build muscle.  You have to "wear-out" the muscle within 2-3 mins to stimulate the "muscle-growth-response" within you body.

  • 101 Fitness sessions are intentionally designed and focused on doing this in a safe way using heavy weights with controlled slow movements.

  • The goal is to bring various muscle groups to failure quickly - hence a full body workout takes around 25 minutes.

Only 1 workout a week?

Get 2 sessions for $29 - try before you buy 

After a high intensity workout you need to allow your body at least 3 to 6 days to rest, with proper nutrition, to fully recover and benefit from your workout.

  • Improved muscular strength is the key to helping you achieve and maintain your fitness and health desired results.

  • Body-shaping muscle enhances your shape by adding firmness and increasing your metabolic rate, which in-turn helps you to lose body fat.

After your high intensity workout at 101 Fitness, we advise a resting period of at least 3 to 6 days. During this recovery time, your body will actually build thicker and stronger muscle fibers. This is supported by real science and was noted in the Journal of Physiology among many other highly accredited publications. The recommended resting period allows your body sufficient time to recover while still burning fat. Also, your busy schedule is gifted with more free time to live your life to the fullest and participate in the activities that bring you pleasure and joy.

Get 2 sessions for $29 - try before you buy 

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