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Beatrix’s Scoliosis Story

Scoliosis is the side-way curvature of the spine (click here to learn more about Scoliosis).

post-surgery x-ray

post-surgery x-ray

When I was 9, I was walking home from school and twisted my ankle. My mother took me to see my GP to make sure that I was OK. Little did I know that my ankle held the key to a new discovery. I was standing and my GP noticed that I was slightly crooked. My GP  sent me off to get an X-Ray not of my ankle but of my back due to my newfound Scoliosis. Luckily, it was still very mild.

Preventing my spine from curving even more seems like it was my Mother’s goal. We went to see specialists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturist and we even looked at going to Germany for 3 months to go to a specialist scoliosis treatment centre (or something like that). After seeing a chiropractor 3 times a week for over 6 months, my specialist noticed a big difference. Unfortunately, not in a good way.

I found out about MedX machines through a physio. After a few months of coming in twice a week, we finally saw some positive changes. My back muscles (Erector Spinae) started to strengthen and my muscles could support my spine!

I took a break from MedX for a few years and unfortunately, my curvature was not getting any better and we decided that a spinal fusion was what is best for me. I had my spine fused at 18 years old. To keep my back straight, they put 2 cobalt chrome and 12 titanium screws in my back. While it did not make my back 100% straight, yet it did make a big difference in my life. Sometimes I wonder how different my back would have been if I didn’t take a break from MedX.

How did I end up at 101 Fitness?

recovering in hospital

recovering in hospital

A year later, I found myself working for an NSA (network spinal analysis) chiropractor in Parnell and despite my reservations about chiropractors, I finally found a technique that helps my body unwind the tension from the surgery. In that year, I met Melissa-Anne Smit as she was a client there. We spoke about 101 Fitness and we shared our stories and here we are now!

Because of 101 Fitness, I can still work out safely with Scoliosis and also metal in my spine. MedX has helped me regain my strength. My best advice for you is to prioritize health as an investment. Why? Because, without your health, how will you enjoy your life?

By Beatrix Setiawan

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