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Working Out and still Not Losing Weight? 4 Reasons to Break Up With Your Scale.

Eating well and exercising often, but still feel like you’re not losing that stubborn weight?  The thing is, fat loss happens when you ditch the scale, exercise effectively and start to see food as fuel.

In March we started by looking at 3 reasons why you struggle to lose weight. The focus was on the type of exercise and how often to train and the importance of resting. In this article I’ll focus on ditching the scale and why…

For many, the scale in the bathroom might as well be a rattlesnake—something you go out of your way to avoid stepping on. 

“When you step on it, it can either make or break your mood; you either feel great, or you feel awful.” Girls and guys, the good news is the scale is not the road to a healthy weight. Ditch it!

1.     Our weight changes during the day.

Every day your body experiences natural weight fluctuations caused by what you eat, how much water you drink, and your level of physical activity.  So daily weigh-ins won’t give you an accurate picture how well things are going.

2.     Stop thinking Numbers. 

Muscle does not weigh more than fat. 1 kg is 1 kg whether it’s fat, muscle, bone or feathers. However muscle have a higher density than fat and its appearance is leaner. Bingo so that‘s why we build muscles as part of weigh loss program.  You lose centimetres and in the process building a permanent calorie burning system.

3.     Scale weight says nothing of health.

That number on a scale says nothing about whether you’re moving in the right direction with your health.

4.     The scale blinds you to real results.

By focusing so much of your attention on that number in the scale, you effectively miss out on observing the other, more significant, results of your efforts. You’re sleeping better, have more energy, less moody or depressed. Your cravings have dissipated, you recover faster from exercise, your symptoms or medical condition will greatly improve.

So to recap, focus on your body and what works for you!  Ditch the scale and focus on a healthy lifestyle rather than a quick fix!

In the next blog we look at why you should see food as fuel.

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