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Want to stay Fit and Healthy while Travelling? 101 Fitness shares their top 5 tips.

Travelling  this winter?

Many of my clients are travelling to warmer weather this winter, so I wanted to give everyone some tips on staying healthy and fit . . . even when travelling.

1.    Go Walking.

Sounds simple but do it. Go exploring on your holiday (remember to wear walking shoes 🙂  you’ll keep burning calories longer). Take the long way – before you know it you’ll find interesting spots, have an adventure and have gotten some exercise.

2.    Enjoy the Treats.

Buffet breakfasts, beautiful lunches and fabulous dinners are so tempting . . . so enjoy them, after all you are on holiday! The trick is. . . . portion size . . . If you don’t love it don’t have it – and if you have it, take tasting size portion. If you make a point of controlling your portions, then you can still enjoy all the treats without overloading on the calories

3.    Water, Water, Water.

Do I need to say it again? Water! J Drinking loads and loads of water is the best way to flush toxins from your body and beat the bloat. Also coconut water is a great way to rehydrate when you’ve done a bad job staying hydrated in the first place.

4.    Relax Actively.


Make a point of relaxing, notice your breathing, take the time to stop and focus on relaxing your muscles. Actively notice yourself relaxing and unwinding.

5.    Resistance Bands.

These stretchy tube like bands offer weight-like resistance and are compact enough to drop into your luggage. Once or twice a week on your holiday spend just 10 minutes with your stretchy buddies – you’ll feel great for doing so and the exercises are quick simple and easy. Take advantage of your own body weight as well . . . try some push ups, abdominal crunches and leg squats.

This winter, enjoy your trip or if are snuggling up at home enjoy that too. It is easy to stay fit and healthy at home or on holiday, all you have to do is make a conscious effort. Have a wonderful winter season.

Verve Magazine – Melissa -Anne Smit Article May 2014

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