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Please Let My Body Survive the Silly Season!

Aricle Verve Magazine Dec 2014 – by Melissa-Anne Smit

The Silly season can takes its toll. But keep in mind it is only a couple of weeks – and life is short, so don’t deprive yourselves of having a good time!

The good news is, it is not the end of the world!  Keep the following tips and tricks in mind when attending functions & parties, and you will survive with minimal “damage”.

Tip 1: If You Don’t Love It, Don’t Eat It

Learn to be selective – a very helpful skill. You don’t need to eat everything on offer. To be completely honest, we don’t even really like everything that we toss on our plate, sometimes we take it just because it’s there.

Trick : Don’t think “value for money” – overeating is not worth it.

Tip 2: Enjoy the Proteins

Fill-up on lean proteins, their filling-up effect leaves you feeling satisfied and avoid other high-carb food items.  Protein stimulates the release of the hormone glucagon – this helps your body process carbs more effectively by controlling blood sugar and acts against the fat-storage properties of insulin.

Tip 3: Avoid liquid calories

Most brewed, mixed and processed beverage contains loads of “empty” calories.  Beware of the calories you drink this season!  For variety, go with flavoured and/or sparkling water as it also helps you alternate drinks 1-for-1 with water (party without the pain). If you splash-out, do it on red rather than white wine (less carbs and more anti-oxidants) or opt for “calorie” lite beer.

Trick : Stick to one glass of wine…Yes I am serious…

Tip 4: Arrive Full

If you show up to a party with a growling stomach you’ll make unhealthy choices because everything looks “so good”.  Eat a small healthy meal before the party. This way you can eat your favourites without becoming a slave to the growl.

Trick : For “bring-a-plate” parties, take something healthy such as a Salad, Grilled Chicken or a Fruit Platter.

Tip 5: Small Plate, control your portions

Portion control and smaller plates – One of the best ways to control your calorie intake but still enjoy your favourites.  Research has shown people faced with larger portions will eat beyond the point of fullness and thereby overeat themselves.

Tip 6: Chew, Chew, Chew

Chew each mouthful at least 20 times.  Take in the conversation, be part of it, then have another mouthful.  It helps your body register your food intake and tell you when you’ve had enough.

Tip 7: Increase Physical Activities


Exercise on the morning of the Christmas party or event.  Plan to expend more calories (ie. exercise) on the days you know you will be eating and drinking more

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