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Melissa Smit on the Cover of Verve Magazine June 2012

Melissa Smit

Along with her kiwi husband (a former New Zealand athlete) Melissa wanted to share this revolutionary system with New Zealanders.  The general health and fitness benefits at all ages, not to mention the results with back pain sufferers, are amazing. Melissa loves helping people find the answer to a healthier life style with a small time investment of only 20 min once a week.  “If this could help change my life, resolve my back pain and help me loose 10kg … then it can help you achieve your goals too ” says Melissa.

It is a personal training session every time with no distractions, onlookers, ringing phones or music and is a system backed by 25 years of research.

Standard personal trainers could cost $60, 3 times a week. 101 Fitness offers a personal experience, complete privacy, at a fraction of the price and the results speak for themselves. You’ll feel the difference from the first session.

The customised state-of-the-art equipment from the Med-X range are specially designed for 101 Fitness and provides a complete full body workout for every level of fitness. The lower back machine was specifically designed by chiropractors and physiotherapist to isolate and strengthen the lower back muscles . . . say “Goodbye” to back pain!

101 Fitness is perfect for anyone who feel they are losing their general strength, want more energy for life, maybe preparing for a wedding and wanting to look fabulous, a busy professional who wants results without all that time in a gym, someone suffering from back pain, concerned over osteoporosis, wanting better general health or wanting to lose weight.

At 20 minutes a week 101 Fitness will fit into any busy lifestyle. Start getting results – Bring in this voucher to get a FREE Introduction session and 2 sessions for only $29 – what have you got to lose? Go on try it! Call now – 09 940 7744

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