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Make good on your New Year’s resolutions with 101 Fitness training

It’s a New Year and getting healthy and fit is one of the most mentioned New Year’s resolutions. This year why not try something different? Instead of signing up for the usual gym membership that gets forgotten in a month’s time, why not try Concept 10 10’s revolutionary approach to fitness? You only need to commit to 1 session a week of 20 minutes. All training sessions are on a personal basis where it is just you and the personal trainer in the room, no one watching and in comfortable air conditioned rooms. We have a different approach to fitness but the “proof is in the pudding”.

This summer Concept 10 10 would like to offer everyone a Free Introduction session and the option to partake in our Summer Special. Please call us or email us today to find out more!

Here is a short testimony from one of our happy clients:

Probably the biggest reason I love Concept 1010 is that as it is only 20 minutes a week, I actually do it! No matter how worn out I’m feeling, I grit my teeth and walk through the door and leave 30 minutes later feeling like a different person in mind and body. I can feel myself getting stronger and there are a few less wobbles, but there is also still a long way to go – I’m up for the challenge though and am looking forward to transforming my body shape little by little 🙂 Oh and by the way did I mention that the trainers are great, each brings something different to the session – all push me to my limits and get results! Lucy from Auckland.

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