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How I dropped 2kgs and 2 pants sizes in just 2 months* – Greg from M2 Magazine

Last Friday I had an appointment and needed a new pair of jeans. I dropped into 5th Ave on Ponsonby Road and grabbed a pair, my usual size, and rushed off home to change. I put the jeans on and they felt a bit loose but I thought nothing of it and carried on my way.

While they were stretch fit jeans, I noticed that they weren’t really stretching at all. When I finally arrived home again that evening my wife commented saying it looked like my jeans were too big for me. I checked back with the store and they were the same size as I had bought 6 months before (size 34). I decided to try on another pair. The size 33 were better but still not fitting. Finally I settled on a pair size 32 that fitted perfectly. *

Anyone want to buy a pair of size 34 stretch fit denims? – only worn once and going cheap!!

In just a few months I have lost 2 kg and dropped 2 sizes in my jeans… *

…How did it happen?

I haven’t changed much, I always eat reasonably healthy food and have a good social life that includes a few drinks and I haven’t been on any crazy diets.

But I have been going to 101 Fitness just once a week for 25 minutes.

It isn’t voodoo!

It does actually have a scientific basis to it. The fact is that they concentrate on slow repetitions for 25 minutes a week using state of the art MedX machines that ensure that the weights are perfectly balanced and consistent through each rep. Slow and steady repetitions lead to greater muscle fatigue – ultimately building stronger muscles. Stronger muscles mean you’ll use more energy –  all the time.

It works.

I started three or four years ago as a size 36 and now I’m a size 32. Every week I do my 25 minutes of slow reps on their MedX machines with a personal trainer.

You should give this a go…

I have managed to convince them to give you a trial absolutely free. As one of our readers they’ll give you a free consultation and a free session. You’ll feel the pain for a few days following this session and you’ll know that you are getting the desired results. I have been doing this for 4 years now and let me tell you it works and I haven’t had a break of more than two weeks since I began.

If, like me, you don’t have a lot of time, just go to this page now, all you’ll need to do is give them your phone number and they’ll sort out the rest from there.

*Individual results may vary from person to person.

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