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FAB FRIDAYS – How does 101 Fitness work according to reporter from Verve.


  1. About 2 months ago I added a new ingredient to my Friday routine: an early morning training session at 101Fitness in Newmarket. It has rapidly become a favourite part of my day, as post each session I feel uplifted, motivated and ready to take on whatever the day has to offer.

Tucked away in Morgan Street, 101Fitness is easy to find, as it is the only fitness studio located in a beautifully restored cottage, with plenty of parking right outside the front door.  Fitness sessions should be booked online (or per phone or email) prior to your arrival, so when you arrive – your personal trainer is ready and waiting for you.

Training is done on equipment carefully calibrated to one’s level of fitness and strength, and meticulous records of progress are kept. Trainers are friendly, professional, encouraging and have good knowledge of the body, exercise and diet.  If required (not so necessary in the chill of a winter’s morning), you are cooled with refreshing fans whilst you work out.

Changing and shower facilities are tastefully decorated and well-equipped, and best of all, no one else beside you and your trainer, gets to see you groaning, cursing, panting and puffing in you efforts to achieve or maintain the svelte inner you, as you work out in complete privacy. Oh and I almost forgot, yummy massages post-training are available too.

This tiny space does not really allow for a full description of how much I enjoy and respect the 101Fitness offering, but here are the most standout reasons I will continue to book in with this fabulous fitness studio:

  1. 101Fitness is convenient Conveniently located for those who work / live in Newmarket or close by.

  2. 101Fitness is quick Training is slick, quick and easy to fit in to a busy schedule. The equipment is designed in such a way that it can accurately target areas of the body that need working on.

  3. 101Fitness is safe I feel safe when using the 101Fitness equipment – and never come away feeling that in my enthusiasm and need to extend myself, I may have injured something. During all my sessions at 101Fitness I have remained injury-free.

  4. 101Fitness gets results After only 6 sessions across 6 weeks I have seen results.  I am definitely more toned (my abdomen area is flatter), and I have noticed that areas that lacked strength have become stronger (I get a lot further with arm balances in yoga than I ever have before). *

Interested and would like to find out more go, then go to

*Individual results may vary from person to person

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