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Back magic at 101 Fitness – How do you get rid of back pain story by Verve magazine


Words: Glenn Stirling

*In a second, your whole world can change. Lying three metres lower than I had been sitting moments before, I felt a pain shock through my body from my central spine. My back was broken.

Months later, my recovery is going well but there is only so much your body can do on its own. Hours at a desk can force strain on anyone’s back and indeed forces strain on mine. One thing is certain; I must help myself gain the movement and strength of younger years.

101Fitness has a simple, effective, efficient approach that uses the ‘Three Pillar’ system of exercise, nutrition and recovery. Not keen for an intense, strenuous workout, I found solace in their resistance-focused regime.

Sitting in an air-conditioned gym, set up just for me, my one-on-one personal trainer took me slowly through the science of my body’s deterioration since my accident and explained how, through focusing on the fitness and wellbeing of my whole body, my injury would be able to better recover. My break would be taken into account but would not be the main target as balance is key with 101 Fitness. The culmination of the Three Pillar system would fix my injury as a by-product.

We moved from machine to machine, each adjusted to my size and requirements. The minutes raced by with encouraging words from my resistance trainer, and before long, without breaking a sweat or even changing from my work clothes, I had started myself on the path to a stronger, better life.

Chatting with Melissa Smit, the Director of 101 Fitness, I was told that it is all about maintenance. Having also experienced a broken back, Melissa explained how she had set out to help others through this program and that though she was stronger and healthy, there is always room for improvement. *

*Individual results may vary form person to person

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