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*25 Minutes a Week turns out to be a Life Changer

Auckland, New Zealand

Local business 101 Fitness celebrates 4 years of changing lives. 4 years ago Melissa-Anne Smit and husband Jay Kachelhoffer set out to change peoples’ lives – their once a week, 25 minutes program fits into even the busiest of schedules and has delivered life changing results to hundreds of clients. Finally people can fit in fitness and the results are nothing short of amazing.*

“We never dreamed we could have such a dramatic impact on people’s lives.”

101 Fitness now offers you the chance to experience their not-so-ordinary approach to fitness in just 25 minutes a week. What better time to experience the warm, luxurious facilities – come summer you’ll be in amazing shape.

To celebrate their birthday, 101 Fitness is giving you the chance to:

win 6 months of personal training at 101 Fitness

Tell us in 50 words only why you want to win 🙂

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What clients have said:

*“When I first visited 101 Fitness I had a lot of weight to lose (I weighed 107kg).  I had made a mental switch that I could do it but really needed a team of people to keep me on track.  Along with my nutritionist, 101 Fitness has been one of the most motivating factors on my journey.  The trainers are fantastic.  They push you, but in a positive way; you never feel like you aren’t doing a good job.  In 18 months I have lost 30kgs and the team have kept me focused.  I have biceps, my arms are starting to look nice and toned and I love how I feel now.’

*- Cherie P.

*”I was in line to have back surgery for degenerative disc disease.  I had years of chronic, acute pain and had tried physio, chiro, acupuncture and a lot of pain relief.  Getting out of bed in morning has been a real struggle.  Committing to 25 minutes once or twice a week at Fitness 101, I have strengthened my core muscles to the point where I rarely experience any pain at all any more.  I think the ease of going for 25 minutes at a time and having someone there to ensure my technique is correct and push me just that little bit harder is exactly what I needed.  Now I bounce out of bed in the morning! ”

– Katherine D.

101 Fitness | 9 Morgan st, Newmarket | | | 09 940 7744

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*Individual results may vary from person to person

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