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Post Baby – Stronger, Faster, Better

*I am thankful for the way my body is bouncing back post-baby. But the thing is, it takes some work…..before, during and after pregnancy.

My story involves a fractured back, whiplash injury from 2 car accident and later on a brain operation. I have had to learn the hard way what is good and not good for my body. I changed careers for my health and now, after 8 years in the fitness industry the most important thing I learned is that the industry is good at providing hyped-up, fad workout routines, but not so good at educating people on the best things for their body. *

I want to change that, and the fact is if you go into pregnancy with a fit strong body your body is better prepared to handle the stresses of pregnancy and ready to get back into shape post-baby.

post baby weight loss

Already a mum? . . . I would love to help you also get back into shape, or even into a better shape than before your pregnancy.

Thinking of becoming a mum? . . . . I’d definitely like to help you and your body be better prepared. I was, and I am seeing the benefits of it first-hand.

Whatever stress your body has experienced, a pregnancy or if recovering from some injury, the correct kind of strength training can help you recover and regain your strength and a healthy body.  So, there is hope – and it need only take 25 minutes a week!

*My story of injury and operation resulted in me founding 101 Fitness as a way of helping and educating others. I am so thankful for the benefits I’ve seen in my life and that is why I am passionate about helping others. Though I have seen the results in my clients post-baby, I was still amazed to see the same results in my body. * At 101 Fitness you get personal 1-on-1 attention, or 2-on-1 if you want to bring a partner or training buddy. You also get a private room each time. So, call us now to get 2 session for $29 – our Try before you buy

*Individual results may vary from person to person

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