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Why you need a faster Metabolism

Research has shown that whether you are on a low-calorie diet, a high-calorie diet or diet-and-exercise plan makes no difference to your metabolism. The deciding factor is your lean muscle mass or the amount of muscle you have in relation to your body weight.

Your metabolic rate is directly responsible for the amount of calories you burn and the only thing that will give you a higher metabolic rate is to have more muscle. Relax girls, I’m not talking about becoming a body builder. But the fact is, muscle is more metabolically active than fat.

“Ok, so how do I build muscle fast” you ask?

Here is my 5 tips to Get Muscles Fast:

  1. Started weight training. Walking and Cardio by itself is not enough. You have to challenge the muscles beyond their norm, otherwise they won’t grow.

  2. Use heavy weights – this is the most effective way to challenges the muscle correctly at the biological level. Using light weights is counterproductive even for women.

  3. Do your muscle workout with slow movements – this allows the muscle fibres to work harder and you don’t have to spend hours doing it.

  4. Get someone to work-out with you, or get a Personal Trainer – Supervised you will achieve a whole lot better results and you will be safer in doing so. It is also much more motivating.

  5. The KEY to muscle building is giving the muscles time to heal! So don’t overdo your training – girls need 4-5 days and guys as much as 6-7 days between proper muscle workouts for the fibres to heal before you can challenge them again. Remember, a bruise or cut does not heal in 1 or 2 days, so neither does your muscles.

So remember – your metabolism burns calories, muscles drives your metabolism and thanks to hormones our bodies are biologically programmed to build long lean muscles for girls and bulky muscles for guys – so start building muscle.

by Melissa-Anne Smit

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