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101 Fitness will help you

101 Fitness will help you Tone-up for the big day

Melissa was a guest writer on Auckland weddings’s blog…This article is not just for brides but for everyone!

We all know brides that have worked hard to look their best for their big day, and we know some who’ve been more successful at it than others. What separates those that get great results from those who don’t? We spoke to fitness expert Melissa-Anne Smit to get her tips on how to look your very best on your big day.

The hardest thing for brides who want to get in shape for their big day is finding the time. The time leading up to a wedding can be very hectic and stressful – a bad combination! The trick is to find a fitness regime that is simple, yet effective in producing results while time-efficient.

The biggest avoidable mistake brides make that hold them back from their wedding goals is focusing on ineffective methods of trying to lose weight or tone up. Brides should be focused on strength training. Muscles burn calories 24/7. Running only burns calories for the few hours while you are pounding the pavement. 100 grams of extra muscle will definitely not make you look bulky, but it will burn 10,000 calories more per month and besides toned looks so much better than flabby. Brides should be activating their metabolisms through high resistance strength training – in a safe and controlled way. Everything else, such as a spin-class or Zumba session, will then add to your results and act as stress release.

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