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Verve interview’s Vanessa Baxter about training at 101 Fitness

She made it through to the top four in last year’s MasterChef television series. She is passionate about food, her family

and life in general, and lately, 101 Fitness. Vanessa Baxter chats to Verve, about what 101Fitness is doing for her.

Verve: As a busy mum of two boys, why did 101 Fitness appeal to you?

*Vanessa: I liked the idea of making an appointment that needs to be confirmed and kept. I also love that I only need to go once a week. I am busy with two young boys and all of their activities plus a dog who needs walking, so I tend to put my exercise needs last.

V: So far you have completed 10

sessions with 101. Tell us about the changes you have noticed?

VN: I notice that I feel a lot stronger. When I walk the dog, I don’t puff so much going

up hills. I find I am using my legs more and feel the muscles doing the work. I have

also noticed little muscles in my arms — ones I didn’t use to have before!

V: As an avid foodie teaching people how to cook and eat healthily, how important is fitness to you?

VN: Well, this is the problem for me. I so love cooking and eating, and whilst I keep things fairly healthy in the kitchen, I do tend to be on a roller coaster as far as my fitness is concerned. In the past, I have simply monitored my food and drink to maintain a certain weight, rather than actually build up any strength and personal fitness.

V: What else do you do to stay in shape?

VN: I walk with the dog and I race around all day long. I am rarely seated and tend to be tearing about getting things done and feel as if I am always on the go.

V: What was your main reason for trying out 101 Fitness?

VN: To be honest, it was the small time commitment required. I was amazed to find out that I only had to turn up for 25 minutes, which meant that I would be in and out in 30 minutes flat. And only once a week – it’s insane! I also loved that someone follows up with you and makes sure you are OK for your next session. Making the commitment to turn up means it is in the diary just the same as the other appointments.

V: How do you find the team and facilities at 101 Fitness?

VN: The facilities at 101 Fitness are fabulous, and the team is both committed and determined to help you succeed. The trainers are firm but in a way that has you through your 20 minutes without you realising what you have achieved — until you try to climb the stairs as you are leaving!

V: Any last comments?

VN: I am thrilled to have discovered 101. I really dislike the idea of gyms and exercise in general. 101 has opened my mind and to my surprise I actually enjoy the experience. In fact I even look forward to my next session — and I can honestly say that I have never felt that way before! *

*Individual results may vary from person to person

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