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The Big Day! 101 discussed how Brides-to-Be can get fit and toned for the big day

101 Fitness will help you

101 Fitness will help you!

The Big Day

Most people hibernated through the winter,  jollying the cold up with fire and good food, – but, secretly brides across the country were furiously preparing for spring and summer weddings, putting in some hard yards in search of that “Wedding-dress-perfect” figure for their big day.

While some were pumping iron in drafty smelly gyms with grunting males others were out pounding pavement (and probably getting pounded by wind, slate and rain). However, Deborah and a select few others were getting great results while having a very different experience.  One that they got very excited about. Their secret weapon was 101 Fitness.

Deborah has found what she believes to be the best little secret in Auckland … a gem of a beautiful boutique fitness center, with an atmosphere and approach that satisfies the connoisseur bride-to-be. A boutique facility built on 3 pillars of well being: Exercise, healthy eating and rest and recovery. There are personal trainers, advice on diet and a massage option when needed.

In the comfortable, striking interior and temperature controlled facility in Newmarket, she was pampered by the benefit of a personal trainer directing her every move. Although she could indulge in the richness of a personal trainer, she soon found out that “personal trainer” is equivalent to “we will work your butt of, darling!”… or at least into a much more toned shape!  Thanks to 101 Fitness’s unique and cutting edge training approach and trainers who cares about a positive outcome, her one session a week meant she was getting amazing results and had much more time to spend on arranging her Big Day to perfection.

Q & A with bride-to-be Debora while training at 101 Fitness for her wedding day:

101 Fitness

Q: As a bride-to-be, how has working out at 101 Fitness benefited you?

A: It’s great! It’s in a handy location, has fantastic facilities, which feels right for me as a bride to be, and a personal trainer to concentrate on me the entire session.  I am very happy with the results so far and am now getting excited about fittings for my dress– something I was worried about previously. Further to this, time is one of the other top benefits for me; I can book sessions online and set a time that suits me, knowing its only 25 minutes in my busy schedule. I really like this.

Q: Considering the demands of day-to-day life AND organising a wedding, how easily did 101 Fitness fit into this busy time?

A: As 101 Fitness is only 25 minutes once a week, it fitted in perfectly with both my daily life and in the midst of organising a wedding. It’s a great workout. I know and feel that all my muscle groups have worked to maximum, my shaking legs and puffing lungs are evidence of this –and what’s even better is that now, instead of feeling guilty about not going to the gym daily, I feel better knowing that I can commit my time towards training once a week and still have a great , if not better, workout. I enjoy the fact I can work out, and know that it is supervised to really benefit me,  and still have plenty of time to organise things for my upcoming wedding.

Q: How would you compare 101 Fitness to the prospect of going to a regular gym?

A: 101 Fitness works better with my busy lifestyle, and with planning a wedding I found it really difficult to commit to a regular gym. I hated waiting for machines and as a result I use it as an excuse not to go. The guilt of not going to the gym every day used to get to me, but with 101 Fitness I feel better than I ever did in a regular gym, and I find myself looking forward to each session. The personal trainers are friendly and really help to motivate me in those early mornings, and the machines seem to find muscles I didn’t even know I had! With a room to work out in alone, I don’t feel embarrassed on how I look when I work out. I absolutely love that I don’t have to wait for the machines to be free – they are ready and set up with the right weights and setting just for me, and waiting for me to get on with my workout. This means the time I commit to getting my body in shape for my dream dress really pays off.

Q: Would you recommend other brides-to-be to try out 101 Fitness as well, and why?

A: I would certainly recommend 101 Fitness to other brides-to-be – without a doubt! It’s a fantastic environment, fantastic team, I’ve built a good relationship with the people who train me. They know how far I can go, and motivate me to push harder each time. I feel that I can reach my goals and lose weight, tone up and wear the dress of my dreams.

The staff at 101Fitness invites all brides-to-be to come for a no obligation start session to discuss what we can do to help you achieve your fitness and well being aim for your big day. Apart from the exercise regime we will help you with, we also have an onsite nutritionist who can help you plan your healthy eating plan. There is also a massage therapist who can help with smoothing away the stress headaches.

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