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45+? Noticing your body change? Eye Magazine Aritcle

Melissa’s Aricle fro Eye Magazine June 2014


We could go on and on about the benefits of strength training but in simple terms . . . it helps turn back time – to a younger you.

Controlled, correct and purposeful resistance training slows the muscle loss that occurs with aging, prevents osteoporosis, improves our sleep, eases day-to-day activities and decreases our risk of injury. Not to mention improving our balance, mental health and long term weight loss success.

Consider :

  1. Functionality – Ability to perform daily activities without muscle fatigue or failure

Getting puffed more easily these days?

  1. Mobility – Ability to walk and move about freely

Are you avoiding some activities as they seem to have become too cumbersome?

  1. Maintaining or improving bone density (especially, but not exclusively, for women!)

Osteoporosis is often discovered too late and by accident – what are you doing to protect yourself?

  1. Appearance – Looking toned and fit

Need I say more?

As we age our muscle fibers tend to shrink in number and in size (atrophy) and become less responsive to messages from the central nervous system. This results in decreased strength, balance, and coordination. The extent to which these occur depends on a number of factors including genetics, diet, smoking and alcohol use, and — most important — physical activity level.

Research shows that inactivity is responsible for the majority of age associated muscle loss. Fortunately, correct and specific strength training (rather than just cardio exercise) in just 25 minutes a week can reverse much of this decline by stimulating the regeneration of muscle fibers.

As strength training adds muscle to the skeleton, the bones strengthen and grow stronger to bear this heavier muscle load. This ultimately combats osteoporosis.

Proper strength training done so that it doesn’t apply stress directly to the joints is ideal for people with arthritis. This type of strength training can help alleviate symptoms by strengthening the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that surround joints.

In addition, muscles are a 24/7 consumer of calories – the magic words: “weigh loss”.

So, going back to the start, in simple terms strength training helps turn back time – to a younger you.

At 101 Fitness we’d love nothing more that to partner with you to safely and effectively help you regain muscle and tone. The privacy and 1-on-1 training means you get the attention and support you deserve.

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