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What Vitamins and Supplements to take During the Summer


The summer time put a lot of stress on the body due to the excessive heat that you are constantly subjected to. Even when you spend time indoors, while enjoying the air conditioner, the time you spent out in the sun can actually deprive your body of certain important vitamins and minerals that you need. By learning about the best vitamins and supplements to take during this hot season, you can keep your health at its best and prevent the adverse effects of low levels of vitamins.

See that you Get Vitamin C

According to recent preliminary research, vitamin C is absolutely essential during the warm summer months. When you take vitamin C supplement, your body is able to deal with the heat better, and you can prevent serious problems caused by excessive heat, such as heat stroke and heat rash. This vitamin contains something called ascorbic acid, which helps revive your sweat glands and keep them from tiring out due to the heat.

Taking vitamin C can also protect your skin from sun damage because it acts as a natural antioxidant and improves the production of collagen in the skin. If you get allergies in the summertime, the C vitamin can also help ease your allergy symptoms, as it works as a natural antihistamine.

Elemental Vitamin E

Vitamin E is another important vitamin that helps protect the skin from damage during the hot summer months. It also works to push any impurities from the body when you are exposed to excessive heat and sweating. Doctors believe that adding this vitamin to you daily intake is important for those will allergies because it can work along with vitamin C to completely rid your body of allergy symptoms.

Final Thoughts

The heat can make you sweat out a lot of important vitamins and minerals that are needed for healthy cellular function. By taking a multi-mineral supplement and a daily vitamin during the summer, you can get these nutrients restored in your body and feel your best, even when the heat is dragging you down. Tips when choosing a mutli-vitamin one that you take more than once a day means you are getting different vitamins at different times of the day.  Our body needs different vitamins at different times of the day.  So choosing a vitamin that we take 3 times a day is better.


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