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Real results at 101 Fitness – Do you want to lose weight, tone-up?

* “I highly recommend 101 Fitness. I started with them in April 2012 and they have kept me motivated and focussed on my weight loss journey. The sessions fit in well with work and while I feel shattered and worn out afterwards, overall I feel great for getting through it! My muscles are growing and I am feeling fit as a fiddle. The team is fantastic, always so encouraging and friendly. If anyone out there is looking for a great work out that fits in with a busy schedule this is it!” Cherie, 30+ kg lost to date

“Quote from Fitness Life Magazine”

*When I first visited 101 Fitness I had a lot of weight to lose (I weighed 107kg).  I had made a mental switch that I could do it but really needed a team of people to keep me on track.  Along with my nutritionist, 101 Fitness has been on of the most motivating factors on my journey.  The trainers are fantastic.  They push you, but in a positive way; you never feel like you aren’t doing a good job.  In 18 months I have lost 30kgs and the team have kept me focused.  I have biceps, my arms are starting to look nice and toned and I love how I feel now.

Lose weight, toning up

*Individual results may vary from person to person

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