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7 Tips for maintaining your fitness this change of season.

Noticed the change in weather? Yes, the time has come as autumn settles in with shorter, wetter days.  This morning I stuck my nose out from under the blanket…brrrrr! Guess I can make up for that jog later? …it’s still too dark! Is that rain I am hearing…? These excuses sound familiar? Its time to bring your workout indoors and change up your usual summer fitness routine.


7 Tips for maintaining your fitness this change of season.

1.       Book with a personal trainer.  Your workout is guaranteed to be more effective. Having a booked session works! You are more likely to turn up for a workout if you know someone is waiting for you.

2.       Get a friend to come along.  The buddy system is a fail proof. Whether you challenge each other, laugh (at) or together, or just motivate each other… it works.  You are more likely to stick to a routine when setting goals with another person. Not to mention the results.

3.       Maintain cardio with resistance training. Sure you can now just substitute outside for a jog on the treadmill? Boring! Did you know resistance training can actually help you maintain cardiovascular output? While having many benefits such as building lean muscle, improving strength, resistance training as part of your fitness routine will help maintain and benefit your usual outdoor activities while you can’t get outside.  Never the less look out for every opportunity to get out on a sunny day but don’t use bad weather as an excuse not to do exercise.

4.       Plan for at least one resistance training session a week.  An effective resistance training session once or twice a week will have you burning calories while making it through a rainy day as your muscles recover. How convenient! Be mindful of over-training. Unlike cardio you only need one to two effective resistance training sessions a week to allow for proper recovery otherwise you will find yourself run down before winter even started.

5.       Water, water, water.  I cannot stress the importance of staying hydrated enough. The cooler weather gives you the illusion that you are not thirsty, therefore we tend to reach for the water bottle a lot less. Just because you are not sweating as much, your body still needs the same amounts. Dehydration can lead to decreased brain function, kidney and other organ diseases as well as overall performance.

6.  Have fun.  “I workout because it’s so boring.” Said no one ever! If you are not enjoying it, chances are you will not see any results either. Fun equals more motivation.  Motivation leads to higher challenges. Fun and challenges equal accomplishments. Find an indoor workout that’s enjoyable and convenient to you.

7.       Remember this: Summer bodies are earned in winter.  Think about it and let it sink in for a moment.  Fact: the sooner you start this, the easier it will be to keep up when winter truly hits. Hello beach body in summer!

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