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101 Fitness’ top “New Year’s Resolutions”

I firmly believe that, if you have the mind-set to change 5 habits a year it will impact your overall health and wellbeing on a long term basis. So in a nutshell, goodbye to New Years

resolutions and hello to new habits!

Having a long list of healthy and proactive habits is great. It means you’re thinking long-term and you understand that it takes more than one habit to be healthy. But trying to start them all at once is a sure fire way for none of them to stick. It is better to start with a single habit and move on once it’s automatic and consistent. Studies have found that it takes between 18 to 254 days to change a habit. Yup, everyone is truly unique and different, even in their ability to change.

So, where do you start? – Here is the first 5 habits that I introduced over several months when I made the mind-set change to have a healthier me.

  1. Exercise: it’s everywhere! Don’t think it’s only at the gym where you can workout. I try and incorporates exercise into everything I do. Decide to take the stairs, walk to the second coffee shop instead of the closer one and carry your grocery bags to the car parked – in the far corner of the parking lot.

  2. Lemon Water Every Morning: Try swapping your 1st Coffee or Tea in the morning for hot lemon water – The benefits are endless, just ask “Mr. Google”.

  3. Eat regularly:  Eat 5 small meals during the day. It stabilizes the hungry cravings as well as controlling your blood sugar levels – and helps to prevent over eating.

  4. Actively Relax:  Doing something fun or relaxing at least once a week – book it into your calendar.

  5. Reduce Alcoholic drinks:  Having a soda water with lime or lemon in-between drinks or instead of a glass of wine has helped me reduce my Alcohol intake – which makes a world of difference and I still get to enjoy my wine.

You too can have a wonderful 2015 filled with health and wellbeing.

Articel word by Melissa-Anne Smit

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