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Shed calories in the cold – Few tips on how to stay toned in winter.

Before you curl up on the couch, consider this:  “exercising in the cold burns more calories”. Isn’t that worth sacrificing a bit of warmth for?

The colder air forces your body to work harder at overcoming some of the body’s natural processes, so your body manages this by burning extra fat. But you do need to take a few extra precautions – so here are my Top 4 Tips to make your winter workouts work for you – in reverse order:

4. Drink Up

You don’t see your sweat losses in the winter like you do in the summer, so most people give little thought to staying hydrated – but you could be sweating just as much in winter so: Drink Up.  I prefer drinking warm water in the winter, it feels like a nice little boost and helps keep me hydrated.

3. Start Small

It’s better to underestimate your ability in the cold.  If you have to stop, your body temp will drop rapidly, increasing your risk of catching a cold and incurring injury. Easing into it can also help your airways acclimate to the frigid air.  In really cold weather, it’s helpful to wrap a scarf around your neck when outside . . . or you could consider skipping straight to tip number 1.

2. Be Flexible

You may be an a.m. exerciser, but on extremely cold days, your best (and safest) bet is holding off until mid-afternoon, if possible, when temps are at their highest.  And yes, there is such a thing as “too-lousy-for-training-weather”. Keep your health in mind – after all that is the ultimate goal is it not.

1. Take your workouts inside this winter

Find a place with great indoor facilities to work out this winter.  Muscle building is a very effective way of doing short exercises, maintaining your muscle integrity during winter and still getting your exercise endorphin kick this winter.

Remember . . .

. . . even Pro-athletes have winter vs summer programs. Mostly, winter programs are about consolidating muscle development and maintenance so that they are ready to kick into high gear come spring. So don’t get put off by the weather and equally don’t over-exert yourself this winter. Train smarter.

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