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Now Open!

25 min workouts - once or twice a week
for the best results.
Personal Training and a Private workout space to regain your strength. 


Fitting in Fitness...
and a busy lifestyle

These don’t always go together... so at 101 Fitness we specialise in helping busy people. Our once a week workout fits easily into your busy lifestyle AND gives you great results in just 25 minutes a week. Booked appointments and short sharp workouts make it easy, to just fit into your calendar.


25 minutes
per week

At 101 Fitness, we make sure that achieving a fitter you is as convenient as possible. Which is why it only takes 25 minutes, once a week and it's science backed! You get a reserved car park and your trainer will have everything set up and ready, in a private studio for you.


It's how we feel
that counts

A 25 minute high intensity work out once a week in a private studio with a personal trainer is all it takes. No parking hassles, no setup time. Just in, get it done, and out. Imagine how it would feel  to have a great workout with so little hassle?

Personal Training
in a Private Space

  • A personal trainer EVERY TIME

  • Full body workout in just 20-25 Minutes

  • We track your results

  • We make sure you stay challenged


My name is Melissa

Please allow me to introduce 101 Fitness.

After 12 years in Auckland helping over 2,500 people, we are excited to now be based in Bethlehem, Tauranga.

101 Fitness is ideal for 

Rehabilitation Strength Training

Injury, surgery and aging results in muscle loss. 101 Fitness' safe and controlled workout is ideal for rehabilitating and regaining muscles and tone. This helps improve strength, balance and has a range of flow on health benefits. Improve your recovering. 

Staying Fit & Strong

The 101 Fitness system  is base on over 40 years of research. It delivers the maximum muscle and cardio effect in a short sharp workout - with minimum risk of injury. This means you get an extremely effective workout in a time efficient way. 

Toning Up

With aging come muscle loss. Regaining muscle and tone is possible with correct resistance training. Even 100g of extra muscle helps improve muscle tone, burns more calories (even when you are at rest), and makes you look leaner and feel healthier.   

Try before you buy

Get a 2 for $29 voucher

Get 2 session for just $29. Try 101 Fitness to see how easily it fits into your schedule and feel the difference of using the 101 Fitness System.

Great results in just 25 minutes a week.

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