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Jan 28th, 2014

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Category: Strength Training
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The Muscle Growth Process Explained

This summer, your new mantra should be “Work smarter, not harder”. Thousands flock to gyms all over the country everyday, trying to gain muscle and burn fat, ignoring this simple mantra. For example, just ask any of them the question: “How do muscles grow?” and I guarantee that their response will be a blank stare […]

Jun 13th, 2012

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Category: Testimonials
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Melissa Smit on the Cover of Verve Magazine June 2012

Melissa Smit was in a serious car accident in 2005, fracturing vertebrae in the lower back she suffered from severe lower back pain for years before being introduced to 101 Fitness overseas. She quickly became convinced of the benefits of this specialised way of training. Now a New Zealand director of 101 Fitness based in Newmarket, she has […]