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101 Fitness makes it 101 Fitness Logo PMS  to get great results no matter how busy your life gets.*

  • Personal trainer EVERY TIME
  • Full body workout in just 20-25 Minutes
  • We track your results
  • We make sure you stay challenged


2 - on - 1 FitnessTraining

2-on-1 Fitness Training

*With the 101 Fitness training system you only NEED 1 session every 3 to 7 days to get great results.

  • 1 on 1   Completely Private
 – just you and the trainer
  • 2 on 1   GET FIT TOGETHER!
 – couples  / friends / training buddies
  • Once or Twice a week packages available

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101 FitnessHow does 101 Fitness work?

At 101 Fitness we combine High Intensity Training (H.I.T.) and Slow Movement Training.

This combination can deliver peak muscle stimulation to ensure muscle failure is achieved – not just energy depletion.


At the biological level it is this “muscle failure” that stimulates muscle regeneration. And by allowing yourself appropriate recovery time means you get optimal results.

H.I.T has also been shown to have a positive effect on bone density and hence critical for women (and men) especial as we head into our late 40’s and beyond.

You get a personal trainer each time you visit 101 Fitness. Your trainer ensures you do all exercise correctly, safely and the best of your ability. This means you will get the best results from each session.



Fitness Personal Training

Why maintain (or regain) muscle mass?

From around the age of 25-30, we slowly start losing muscle tissue.

Besides the fact that the body therefore becomes weaker and problems occur, it also means that the body may burn fewer calories, which can result in more accumulated fat.

Muscles burns Calories 24/7

The simple fact is: If you replace 100grams of fat with 100gram of muscle you will burn more calories even at rest, look leaner and  firmer and feel better about yourself.  Where is the down side?

So . . . more lean muscle is a good thing – what are you waiting for, book you first session at 101 Fitness NOW!! – click here


Can be Great for Weight Loss and Toning*

Ever think to yourself: “I am eating what I always have…  I am doing what I always have…  Why am I gaining weight?”

The fact is – Loss of muscle tissue can be one of the most important reasons for the increase of body fat, because muscles burn calories 24 hours a day, even when they are resting. Resistance training combined with a balanced caloric intake can lead to permanent fat loss and a slimmer and better functioning body.

As we get older we naturally do less strenuous activity and hence burn fewer calories. *


Just 1 session a week at 101 Fitness will help you stay active and fit *

You can find 25 minutes a week

– you deserve it!


Try before you buy Voucher: 2 for $29 Voucher


* Individual results may vary from person to person