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As an ex-New Zealand sportsman, Jay Kachelhoffer knows a thing or two….

Jay Kachelhoffer

Jay Kachelhoffer

“I was about 27-years-old, when one day I realised I had developed a belly, started puffing on the stairs and struggled to carry my wife to the. . . um . . .never mind that last bit. . . ”

As an ex-New Zealand sportsman, Jay Kachelhoffer knows a thing or two about being fit, active and what it takes to stay at the top of your game. Training hard at least twelve times a week for over an hour each time was customary and Jay earned the opportunity to represent New Zealand at an international athletics competition, bringing home two medals. After university Jay spent time in the New Zealand Air Force where he continued a pretty full-on and active lifestyle, which included several sports tournaments and playing for the New Zealand Defence Force in a cross-Tasman volleyball tournament — all in addition to his actual full-time job in the military.

“I’ve certainly had my share of just about every type of fitness training you can imagine,” says the 31-year-old. Having come from a very active lifestyle, but now working full-time for a few years — frequently fifty to sixty hours per week, Jay noticed a change in his energy levels, body-shape and strength.

Jay had gone from being super-active, to about normal-active and then became very busy at work and not so active any more. The pressures of holding down a day job as well as owning a family business means Jay knows all too well how busy life can get and how hard it is to stay fit and active. When the busy work schedule started, the muscles started dropping off and weight piled on. The fact is that after the age of about twenty-five to thirty, we all start losing muscle and as a result we start gaining undesired weight.

Jay and Melissa-Anne Kachelhoffer

Jay and Melissa-Anne Kachelhoffer

“It immediately started rebuilding my lost muscle tissue and my body began toning up really quickly.” After just a couple of sessions Jay was amazed and launched into research about high intensity training and slow movement as well as the equipment used. He found a whole new world of health and fitness research and evidence. “It just made so much sense — it is crazy that this stuff is not mainstream yet, I mean there is over fifteen years of scientific research backing this training approach!”

“I’m now able to do one strength training session every five to seven days, I have an appointment — I block it off on my calendar and treat it as a meeting that I have to attend. I get great results and I can now spend more time on what I like doing — for instance, playing golf on the weekend. I’m feeling fitter and stronger than ever. It’s perfect for busy people.”

There is a paradigm shift happening in the world of health orientated fitness — the last fifteen to twenty years of research clearly shows that the training approach to which Concept 10 10 adheres, is more efficient and more beneficial for health orientated fitness than most of the old-school approaches, “it’s crazy that the mainstream fitness industry is so slow in adopting this change.  So my challenge is. . . why have you not tried it yet?” * *Individual results may vary form person to person

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