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Fitting in Fitness and a Busy lifestyle

These don’t always go together so well . . . which is why at 101 Fitness we specialise in helping busy people. We have a range of great options that will easily fit into your busy lifestyle AND give you great results in just 25 minutes a week. Booked appointments make it easy and they just fit into your calendar.

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25 Minutes per week

At 101 Fitness, we make sure that achieving a fitter you is as convenient as possible. Which is why it only takes 25 minutes, once a week! And you get a reserved car park. Your trainer will have already set up your private studio for you. Your workout will be intense...our secret to getting you feeling better. Afterwards, you can shower in our luxury facilities.

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It’s How we Feel that Counts

A 25 minute high intensity work out once a week in a private studio with a personal trainer is all it takes. No parking hassles, no setup time. Just in there and out. Unless you want to shower in our luxury facilities. Imagine what it would feel like to have your workout done with so little hassle?

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